Five by Five

A digital media company
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  • Demo Target Game
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  • Jessie Controls:
    Standard directional controls to move
    Spacebar to fire
  • Touchscreen direct firing enabled

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    Contact Information

    Art Director:
    Jensen Nihei -

    Creative Director:
    Kaleiohu Lee -

    Primary Artist:
    Earl Gamiao -

    Web queries:

    Corporate Correspondences:
    Five by Five, LLC
    1135 8th Ave. B
    Honolulu, HI

    About Us

    Five by Five is our team of friends and artists combining years of production experience to come together as a unified creative force. It is our goal to entertain, inspire, and illuminate with our art through contracts with other creative entities or while developing our own original IPs.

    If you find your company or organization is in need of an art team ready to design, conceptualize, or generate content for your project then please contact us about becoming a part of your production pipeline.

    We are not currently ready to release any of our original IPs to outside entities, but if your production house would like additional information on a project seen on this site please contact us. We will notify interested parties and update this site when that status changes.